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The XL bag, previously known as the Heavy Duty, is twice as large as that standard size with a volume of 26 liters and dimensions of 18 x 25 inches. In comparison with the original Heavy Duty, the new fabric is more durable and can stand higher heat in modern dryers.

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  • CLEAN AND REUSABLE: STNKY bags are great for preventing bacteria covered clothing from coming into contact with your loved ones. Perfect for nurses, doctors, EMTs, hospital staff, and any other essential worker that doesn’t want to bring their used clothes inside
  • LOCKS IN ODORS: No more worrying about your bag stinking up the car, your dirty laundry mixing with clean clothes or how to get the stink out of your gym bag. STNKY locks in the strongest of odors.
  • EASY WASHING: When doing laundry flip your STNKY bag inside out and wash & dry your clothes right inside the bag. No need to touch sweaty gym clothes again!
  • NO MORE MESS: Outdoor gear, muddy clothes and OCR gear can make a mess. Dried mud falling on the floor and mud covered bags are a hassle. STNKY´s got your back. Clean floors, clean bag, less worries.
  • STANDARD SIZE: VOLUME – 13 L , DIMENSIONS – 14 X 16 inches. Our standard sized washable sports bag is compatible and fits perfectly in most backpacks, carry on bags, and even briefcases. It’s made to fit one change of gym clothes or a pair of shoes.
  • Fitness/Gym – Drop your sweaty laundry into your STNKY Bag and don’t worry about it stinking up your gym bag. Our bags isolate sweat and bacteria, making sure your gym bag and other personal items stay fresh and clean.
  • Healthcare workers & nurses – No more stuffing your scrubs or uniform into a plastic bag after your shift, and worrying about contaminating your other personal items with germs and bacteria. STNKY Bags lock in your dirty gear.
  • Travel & adventure – Make sure to keep your sweaty socks and dirty laundry separate from the rest of your backpack or suitcase. STNKY Bags are an easy way to separate dirty from clean and organize your bag while traveling.
  • Martial arts – Our bags are an easy and sanitary way to store your Gi, rashguard and other items, after your martial arts training. The XL bag is big enough to hold a Gi top and bottom, and locks in sweat and bacteria until it’s laundry day.

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