Travel Fanatics Washable Travel Laundry Bag


Once the bag is unzipped our extra large laundry bag is exposed and equipped with a drawstring for easy access while keeping the clothes inside

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  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: With our collapsible bag closed it measures to a travel size of 6.2 by 6.3 inches which allows it to easily fit inside a luggage bag, laundry bags for college students lacking space necessary, lingerie bags for laundry, and so much more! Once the bag is unzipped our extra large laundry bag is exposed and equipped with a drawstring for easy access while keeping the clothes inside. Once opened the bag measures 21 by 22 inches, holding everything you would need.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Storing and washing clothes couldn’t be easier because this bag is a machine washable laundry bag. Store inside the dirty clothes bag and then wash everything together. Once clean, hang the bag to dry. The black nylon material offers privacy which a mesh laundry bag lacks by exposing every article of clothing through the sheer mesh bags and overtime the mesh bag will pull apart leaving it flimsy and unusable.
  • DAILY LONG TERM USE: Our black laundry bag holds loads of clothes. Since the nylon is heavy duty, daily use is encouraged. An attractive laundry logo adds trendy convenience for your daily organizer needs. Our thick metal gold zipper and sturdy drawstring are made for heavy wear and tear. These travel bags will not fall apart while washing and storing clothes instead they stand up to the mess without any struggle.
  • ENDLESS LAUNDRY OPPORTUNITIES: Add to your travel accessories because the travel dirty laundry bag saves from dirty clothes touching the clean clothes and eliminates the use of using plastic bags for clothes. Since the closed travel bag is travel size it can easily be stored in any compact space when you’re not using it, also used as a laundry hamper or laundry baskets. Big bulky hampers for laundry are no more with this foldable travel friendly small laundry.
  • TRAVELING MADE EASY: Our laundry bags fold to a compact size and can be easily thrown in your suitcase for dirty laundry. Leave the laundry basket behind and consolidate your life by using it as a laundry sorter by splitting up loads or using as a clothing storage bag. With a clothes hamper, even when it is empty it will always take a space in your room so the space will always be occupied. Save your student time and headache by adding to your college dorm essentials list or use for a gym bag.

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