If you plan on flying out of the country, then you will need to consider an airline that offers plenty of international options. A good example of this would be Emirates. While this airline is based out of Dubai, it does offer a focus on several airports in Australia. Since it is an international airline, Emirates provides nonstop flights to 62 different countries. In fact, this airline is the largest in the Middle East and it owns a number of different subsidiaries to provide more passenger options.

As mentioned, Emirates is based in Dubai, and that is the location of its only hub. The airline does include focuses on two Australian cities: Melbourne and Sydney. Other focus cities of the airline include Bangkok and Singapore. One of the things that Emirates is most famous for is offering nonstop flights that are longer than any other in the world. For example, the airline offers nonstop flights from Dubai to San Francisco, Houston and Los Angeles.

Subsidiaries owned by Emirates Airlines include Arabian Adventures, Emirates Holidays, Emirates Tours, and Congress Solutions International. All in all, Emirates owns a fleet of 146 airplanes with over one hundred destinations all over the world.

Emirates has designed their airplanes to provide luxury options for first class passengers. Offering two different types of first class seating, Emirates provides for passengers of all types. The suite style first class seating provides sleeping space, a computer workstation, a bar, and much more. The other type of first class is more akin to what other airlines have to offer. In addition to first class, Emirates offers business and economy classes so that passengers will have plenty of options from which to choose.

The airline does offers in flight entertainment including cable television, movies, information portals, and data links. Email service is available to business and first class passengers, but it does come at a fee. The airline provides a frequent flyer program called Skywards, and it is a four-tier option designed to provide points toward later flights with Emirates or one of their subsidiaries. The top tier of the flyer program can only be reached by invitation, and is available to only the most frequent of elite passengers.

Offering a combination of passenger options and long flight provisions, Emirates is considered the largest airline in the Middles East. This airline makes it easy for Australians to fly all over the world.

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