Bisso Bistro Palermo

Bisso Bistro Palermo

Bisso Bistrot was one place my host suggest I check out and it was something that I just stumbled upon by accident on the way home one evening when I was staying in Palermo . The restaurant location is a unique spot as it’s a historical Liberty style bookshop “Liberia Dante” that was converted into a bistro. The main dishes are traditional Sicilian pasta, fish and meat dishes along with some decent priced appetizers but be aware it can get busy as it’s very popular and not a massive restaurant.

Bisso Bistrot

Bisso Bistro inside Liberia Dante

I went with a main course which was the pasta with broccoli which I must say I wasn’t really that impressed with. It tasty bland and fishy not the most amazing pasta dish I’ve had, it kinda resembled craft glue which was a real shame as I was looking forward to enjoying it. But a lot of the other patrons who ordered a similar dish seemed to be enjoying it immensely so maybe it was just that it didn’t match my own taste buds.

Pasta with Brocolli

Pasta with Brocolli

I was lucky that I ended up ordering a second dish which was caramelized meatballs and with a side dish of oven roasted potatoes. This was much more pleasant and filling, I should have just ordered this and I would have given this place 5 stars for sure. I loved the feeling of a home cooked meal and this certainly hit the spot for sure.

caramelized meatballs

caramelized meatballs

The place does get pretty busy around dinner so if you are travelling in a larger group consider phoning them +39 328 131 4595 to make a reservation. I was travelling alone so they managed to squeeze me into a spot but I would have preferred to have a bit more space and not squeezed up against a wall on a high chair. A lot of their food seems to revolve around simple cooking so it’s certainly authentic but I was hoping for more based on the reviews.

Inside Bisso Bistrot

Inside Bisso Bistro

The place certainly has a lot of atmosphere and I could imagine a lot of people loving this place but it wasn’t a place for me. The staff were helpful and kind but I would probably only recommend going back here with a group of friends. I did see a number of people relaxing by the bar with a book which might have made for a better location for dinner so be aware when you visit of where you are seated if given a choice.

Bisso Bistrot menu examples (updated menu here)

  • Antipasti/Appetizers – pasta alla norma, cous-cous with vegetables, stuffed green ravioli, basmati rice with vegetables
  • Primi Piatti/First Dishes – mixed fish fry, breaded & grain squid, lamb of the day, millefoglie
  • Secondi Piatti/Second Dishes – green salad, mixed salad, salad with anchovies, baked potatoes
  • Dolci/Desserts – cassata, torte (cakes), crostate (jam tart), gelati

Opening Hours: 9am-11pm everyday

Address: Bisso Bistrot di Bisso Dario – Via Maqueda, 172a – 90133 Palermo

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