Hostel Villa Angelina Old Town Review

Wow what an amazing location for a hostel, the old town location was simply amazing and it was worth the price for sure as it was one of the most expensive hostels I’ve stay in a while.
• A point most other guests openly discussed was old town had way too many stairs but it’s good exercise when you are not carrying groceries or your luggage.
• Be aware the location of the hostel is near the north gate so you can avoid a whole heap of stairs by entering from the north gate and not walking up far too many stairs from the main entrance…
• The staff were fairly relaxed and chilled and enjoyed chatting with guests but mostly left people to engage if they wanted to, which I think was a perfect balance of interaction by staff.
• I did join several other people from the hostel one evening for a tour, the hostel organised transport to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset over old town, this was a simply magical experience and I would strongly recommend you do this for sure when you stay here.
• It was a shame they closed the rooftop early each night (10pm??) as it was a lovely place to relax and unwind after a day exploring the city, mix with other guests and offered a great night time view of old town. The rooftop area was probably the highlight of the hostel for sure! The hostel didn’t really have a communal area at night for guests to socialise as they closed the rooftop deck and downstairs in the kitchen area one of the staff members was sleeping. I understand they are not a party hostel but it doesn’t have to be a crazy night just a few guests socialising late into the morning. I know that its probably easier to have a single rule and then they don’t need anyone to stay late and try and enforce it but I just think even if it’s just on weekends that they are a bit more flexible on times in the common areas.
• The hostel rooms where a bit small, but they were quite nice but it did feel like you were standing on top of each other when all 4 guest were in the same at the same time.
• the bathroom/toilet was in the hallway so it kinda made me miss having a room with an ensuite…. (is this possible check hostelworld…)
• the hostel did have a small kitchen downstairs but I didn’t bother cooking while I was there I mostly just ate out and enjoyed the break from cooking for myself
• I can’t recall if the room had lockers (check hostelworld) but I kinda recall it did…

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