Dubrovnik Backpackers Club Review

The location of the hostel was a bit out of the city, but I decided to stay here as I wanted to experience a different part of the city and I wasn’t sure when I booked if I wanted to stay in old town the whole time as it was a lot more expensive.  Getting from the hostel into the city involved a short walk to the bus station and then a bus into old town but there was also a lovely little beach around 10-15 minutes walk from the hostel if you were just wanting to relax and have a swim.

The downside to this hostel was that the boys of the family treated the communal areas like TV room as their own, it happened several times when watching something they came in and changed the channel to something they wanted to watch. I felt this was a bit disrespectful for the guests but the boys didn’t seem to care.

This is the downside to staying in what is essentially someone else’s home it’s their place and you are just a guest paying their bills, this can also be true of Airbnb or Couchsurfing. The positive note was the TV room was an air-conditioned paradise, which is essential when you are staying here during summer as the heat really does start to get to you.

While it was lovely to be invited to be part of the family and they were very kind but it was sometimes a bit full-on as I wanted to just relax and do my own thing, they didn’t really seem to know the boundaries when guests were being polite.

The Rooms

The hostel rooms were very large dorms that had a terribly old bathroom and the hot water system with exposed electrical wiring near the shower always caused concern, but it was an ensuite which I didn’t have in old town so that made things simpler.  The biggest problem most of the guests had was trying to keep the temperate right for everyone, those near the entrance were too cold with the air conditioning and down the back near the bathroom it was too hot so we needed to use floor fans that created noise for other guests… so it was a balance between being able to sleep at the right temperature and not annoying other people sleeping in the same room.

The hostel did have some cooking areas but I ended up eating out at several local restaurants while I was here as it was easier. The annoying part was having to pay for the lockers if you had any items of value, I expect lockers in hostels when staying in dorms to be included and preferably in the same room as you are staying not in the back part of the building.

If you are paranoid about security then this might not be the best place to stay as the dorms are larger and previously stated you don’t have lockers under your bed and most other guests seem to leave the door to the dorm open.

The area is safe as it’s out of the city and the city has almost zero crime due to a single local family owning most of the town so you wont have any trouble but I think the hostel owners could improve security a little more for guests. Some photos I saw online did show lockers in other rooms so they must exist?

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