Oxford Circus London

Hostels in London

London is still a bit hit and miss when it comes to hostels, there are amazing hostels, cheap hostels that are brilliant bargains and a handful of hostels that need to be shutdown. There are around 145 hostels listed on HostelWorld but you can always find new ones popping up and old ones being re-branded.

The top 3 things to think about when you are booking a hostel in London is

  1. Location – London is big and travel can be expensive
  2. Inclusions/Freebies – Free tours, breakfast & WiFi
  3. Price – You need to look hard to find a great deal

Want to start with the best hostels in London? Here are my recommendations based on my experiences over the last 20 years travelling:

For party hostels I would say these are the best you can find in London often due to the close proximity of their own pub/nightclub

The hostels that I found offered a great London experience in terms of authenticate building, rooms and great location

The hostels that I think have the best location in terms of transport and tourism attractions are: