When you want a large international airline, then you will want to take a look at Japan Airlines. This company offers international flights to more than thirty countries as well as over one hundred destinations. With a fleet of more than two hundred planes and connections with numerous code shares and subsidiaries, Japan Airlines is quite a large company. Located out of Tokyo, Japan Airlines offers focus cities in both Asia and Oceania. Main hubs include Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport, Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport.

Since Japan Airlines is a part of the One World Alliance, it is possible to fly through this airline to anywhere in the world. International locations include flights to New York, Shanghai, Paris, London, Auckland, and Perth. However, through the One World Alliance, Japan Airlines offers almost three hundred different destinations. In addition, the airline has code shares through such airlines as Air France, Chine Airlines, Emirates, Jetstar, Thai Airways International and Vietnam Airlines.

Japan Airlines offers a fleet of more than one hundred passenger airplanes, including three classes of seating. If you plan to fly long haul internationally, then you can choose a first class sky sleeper cabin, which provides a suite style space complete with bed and work area. The airline also offers executive class (which is the same as business class) and economy class.

Japan Airlines offers in flight entertainment through a system called MAGIC, which will provide you with access to movies, news, music and even games. You can access video on demand for a fee if you would like as well as over one hundred different on demand video games. The airline also offers free in flight movies on long haul flights. Connectivity options are available in business and first class, and they include USB ports and iPod connectors.

The airline offers full catering for intercontinental flights providing a selection of full meals and even meals designed for children. These meals will vary depending on length of flight as well as seating class.

If you tend to fly often, then you will be glad to know that Japan Airlines offers a frequent flyer program called JAL Mileage Bank. With this program, you can earn rewards with the airlines and any of its subsidiaries. The club offers a free membership and a non-tiered mileage reward program. To keep the program active, you must fly at least once a year.

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