There is only one airline that boasts the ability to circumnavigate the world, and it is located right in Oceania. Air New Zealand, which is located out of Auckland Airport, provides both domestic and international flights to more than 50 different destinations. If you plan on travelling in different parts of Australia, or if you are interested in visiting certain areas of the world, then this could be the airline for you.

As mentioned, the main hub for Air New Zealand is Auckland, but it also has focus cities in Christchurch, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Wellington. Air New Zealand offers twenty seven different domestic destinations as well as twenty six international destinations in fourteen different countries. Some of the destinations include Sydney, Rarotonga, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Heathrow. The airline also works with a code share agreement through the Star Alliance to offer even more destinations throughout the world.
Air New Zealand owns four different subsidiaries, including Air Nelson, Eagle Airways, Mount Cook Airlines, and Zeal 320. All of these airlines are wholly owned by Air New Zealand and are included as a part of the airline’s frequent flyer program.

Speaking of a frequent flyer program, Air New Zealand offers the Koru Club. This club does offer miles and point, but it also offers such perks as valet parking at hub airports, extra baggage allowances, quick and easy check in and preferred seating. When you check in, even if you are not a member of the rewards program, you will have a selection of check in options, including just a seat, a seat plus a checked bag, the works (which includes a meal) and the works deluxe, which offers lounge access and extra checked baggage.

Air New Zealand offers a variety of different classes, including the business premier, business, pacific premium, premium economy and standard economy. All of these classes offer various amounts of in flight entertainment, which varies from touch screens to full sensory surround sound systems. All classes will have access to video on demand for those who wish to watch a movie during their flight. Meals are available on international flights, and snacks are available on shorter routes.

Air New Zealand makes it easy to fly locally throughout Oceania and internationally throughout the world. Since it can circumnavigate the world, the airline can offer destinations to almost anywhere that you could possibly want to travel, no matter how far from home it may be. -Specializing in Cheap Flights

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