If you spend a great deal of time travelling internationally, then you will need an airline that can provide you with flights all over the world. This is exactly what Malaysia Airlines is designed to offer. Malaysia Airlines is one of the few elite companies that offer flights to all six continents, making it a good option for international travel. While its primary hubs are located in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinnabulla, the airline does offer primary cities in countries all over the world. With a fleet of one hundred airplanes, Malaysia Airlines has a lot to offer.

For those flying out of Australia, Malaysia Airlines is famous for its Kangaroo Route, which provides you with flights directly to the United Kingdom. Leaving from both Melbourne and Sydney, Malaysia Airlines provides these easy flights straight to Great Britain. In addition, Malaysia Airlines offers such flight destinations as South Africa, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Delhi, Colombo, Bali, Hanoi, Bangkok, Dubai, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Istanbul, London, and Auckland. This way, no matter where you need to fly internationally, you will have options.

Malaysia Airlines offers three classes of seating, including standard first class, business class and economy class to provide to both business and leisure travellers. Both business and first class seating is new to the airline and was just introduced in the 21st century.

In-flight entertainment is available for a fee in all classes of seating. In fact, Malaysia Airlines offers a portable media system on long haul routes to provide even more entertainment for passengers. On seat systems offer touch screens with news, trivia, maps and updates. An LCD main screen provides onboard entertainment in the form of movies for long haul flights as well.

Malaysia Airlines actually offers two different frequent flyer programs, including Enrich and Passages. Enrich is specific to Malaysia Airlines and provides a tiered membership program for passenger convenience. The Passages program is actually a conglomerate through Malaysia Airlines as well as Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways International and Singapore Airlines.

If you are a frequent flyer interested in travelling all over the world, then Malaysia Airlines may be the right option for you. Offering flights to all six continents, this airline caters to people who need international options. In addition, Malaysia Airlines provides the Kangaroo Route, making it easy for you to travel from Australia to the United Kingdom on a daily basis.

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