When choosing an airline, one thing that you will find is that you can choose between those that are fairly new or those that have a long founded reputation. Qantas would fall into that secondary category since it has been in existence for almost one hundred years. With that kind of history, it offers a reputation that many travellers prefer. Qantas, which stands for “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”, is an Australia service which offers flights throughout the country on a daily basis.

The home base of Qantas Airlines is Sydney, but it also offers hubs in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Singapore. While Qantas mostly focuses on flights within Australia, as you can see, it does offer some flights to specific parts of Asia, Europe and North America as well. Qantas offers flights to twenty destinations within Australia including the focus cities of Cairns and Darwin. The airline also offers international flights to fourteen different countries, including the focus cities of London and Los Angeles.

As one of the largest and oldest airlines in Australia, and the world for that matter, Qantas owns several subsidiary companies, including the following: Australia-Asia Airlines, Australian Airlines, Impulse Airlines, Jetstar Airlines, Network Aviation and QantasLink.

All in all, Qantas offers almost three hundred airplanes in their fleet, including a wide variety of aircraft to manage a variety of different flight lengths.

One of the things that Qantas offers to passengers is quite a variety of in-flight entertainment options. These options include iQ, which provides touch screen systems offered on the back of the seats that provide everything from movies to news to trivia. The seats also include connections for USB devices and iPods so that passengers can use their own devices for entertainment as well. The larger planes in the Qantas fleet include the total entertainment system that provides high definition LCD flat screens as well as a variety of movie and video options for passengers on long flights.

Qantas offers three classes of seating: first class, business class, and economy class. For the first class passengers, Qantas provides a suite style location with large seats, foldable beds, a touch screen television, and much more.

If you are looking for an airline that has built up a reputation for providing good service, then Qantas could be right for you. This airline touts the fact that it has been in operation longer than any other airline in the world.

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