Choosing an international airline often depends on where you plan on flying, but Thai Airways is known for offering flights to more than 72 destinations all over the world. Designed to cater to business passengers who need to fly internationally often, Thai Airways is considered a low-cost airline. If you plan on flying out of Australia using this airline, then you will be glad to know that Thai Airways offers flights out of Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney as well as Auckland.

As mentioned, Thai Airways offers flights to many different international locations including two of the longest nonstop flights from Bangkok to Athens and from Bangkok to Brisbane. Other well known destinations throughout the world for this airline include the following: Johannesburg, Beijing, Hong Kong, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Mumbai, Hanoi, Dubai, Brussels, Athens, Milan, Rome, Oslo, Moscow, Madrid, Stockholm, London, and Los Angeles.

While Thai Airways does not own any subsidiaries, it is a part of the Star Alliance in order to provide passengers more connecting options for long flights. Thai Airways is known for providing low cost flights, but it does not mean the airline skimps on options. It offers a Royal First Class seating option, which includes suite style spaces with seats that turn into beds as well as offer massages. Touch screen televisions provide free in-flight entertainment, and first class flyers have access to a full menu of food options. The airline also offers a business class, referred to as Royal Silk, and two levels of economy classes.

If you prefer to be a member of a frequent flyer program, then Thai Airways offers Royal Orchid Plus. The program allows of the accrual of miles toward later flights. The program offers four tiers of frequent flyer membership levels with the top tier being by invitation only.

If you are looking for an international airline that provides options for business travellers as well as low costs, then Thai Airways could be the right option for you. Because it offers destination flights all over the world, Thai Airways is known as one of the top international airlines. Providing daily flights from three different Australian locations, Thai Airways will make it easy for you to fly to Asia, Europe and North American destinations. Offering four classes of seating, Thai Airways can cater to both business and leisure passengers who may be flying to other continents throughout the world. -Specializing in Cheap Flights

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