Located out of Singapore, Tiger Airways is a small airline with twenty planes and twenty-eight destinations. The airline is designed to offer low-cost, no-frills flying for those budget-minded travellers. Tiger Airways is a budget friendly subsidiary of Tiger Holdings out of Singapore.

Tiger Airways flies to twenty-four destinations in the Singapore area and then destinations in nine nearby countries. These countries include China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian and Oceanic countries.

Offering few in-flight services, Tiger Airways is designed to provide low-cost options for budget-minded travellers. In-flight options include snacks available for purchase on board as well as beverages available for purchase. The only in-flight entertainment available is the Tiger Tales magazine.

If you are most interested in flying for a low cost, then Tiger Airways offers just that to nearby countries in the Asian Pacific area. A no-frills airline, Tiger Airways focuses on low cost for all types of travellers.

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