When you are choosing an airline for your travels, some of the first airlines that you may want to consider will be those that are the largest in the area. While Virgin Australia (formerly known as Virgin Blue) may only come in second as far as the largest airlines in the country, it certainly has plenty to offer with five airline hubs and numerous focus locations. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, Virgin Australia could be your airline of choice.

As mentioned, five different airports serve as hubs for Virgin Australia, including airports in the following cities: Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, and Sydney. The airline offers flights to over thirty different destination cities and it focuses on six cities that it provides multiple daily flights to and from. These six cities of focus include Adelaide, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Hobart, Perth and Townsville.

Virgin Australia is a relatively new airline, founded as Virgin Blue in 2000. It has always touted itself as a low cost option for flying locally in Australia. However, in recent years, the airline has revamped its image to include a modern, cutting edge style for flyers who want to enjoy comfort and convenience during travel.

Just what can you expect if you choose to fly Virgin Australia? Offering several classes including business and economy, Virgin focuses on providing for the needs of each passenger. For example, business class travellers have access to a gourmet style meal instead of the standard airline snacks. Even economy class passengers will have access to warm foods and even ice crème. Television is offered on flights through Australia’s Foxtel through a Live2Air program that allows passengers to watch regular television on all flights.

If you have to travel a great deal, then you will be interested to know that Virgin Australia offers a frequent flyer program called Velocity. This Velocity program offers a points program that can be used toward everything from future flights to rewards at such options as Diner’s Club, American Express and Westpac. Velocity offers a tiered membership program that offers higher levels of rewards the more frequently you fly,

As the second largest airline in the country, Virgin Australia is an option that many consider for both business and leisure flights. If you need to travel within the country, then Virgin is certainly available to serve you. A fleet of 81 airplanes along with thirty destinations means it is easy to get around with this airline.

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