Las Vegas Gun Store and Firing Range Package

Las Vegas Gun Store and Firing Range Package

Have you ever wanted to shoot real rifles, handguns, shotguns or fully-automatic machine guns? If you have been wanting to lock and load and fire off a round of shots, then the Las Vegas Gun Store & Firing Range is the perfect extreme activity to do while you are in Vegas.

The is truly a unique american experience and certainly something you have to do when you are looking for something different to do. They have a basic package but there are a number of options and the Condottieri package offers the choice of 1 handgun, 1 fully automatic, and 1 shotgun or semi-automatic rifle.

You can here online and direct to save with prices starting from $150.

Handgun – 20 Shots

  • Glock
  • Beretta
  • Springfield
  • Walther
  • FNH
  • Ruger
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Dirty Harry .44

Shotgun (5 shots) or Semi-Automatic Rifle (10 Shots)

  • Benelli M4 12 Gauge
  • Remington 12 Gauge
  • AR-15
  • HK G3
  • Springfield M1A
  • HK G36
  • Beretta Cx4 Storm

Fully Automatic Machine Guns (50 shots)

  • Walther MPL
  • Madsen M50
  • Colt M16
  • HK MP5
  • Uzi
  • Sten MKII
  • Thompson
  • Grease Gun
  • AK47 / M4 (25 shots)

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