Things to do in Belgrade

Described as loud, egoistic, fun and daring, Belgrade is undoubtedly a city that has taken a good beating, but still manages to rise from the ashes. Away from its messy past, the city hobbles to a brighter future while attracting the seasoned traveler to savor its eclectic vibes.

Start off the adventure at the popular restaurant Question Mark. This inn is a prime attraction because it is the oldest of its kind in Belgrade. Built in 1823, the inn boasts a rich past and tantalizing traditional cuisine that takes you back in time to the inn’s tumultuous past.

After a filling meal, head on to the Republic Square where memories of this monument lead tourists to enjoy the strides made by Belgrade. This is because the Square was the venue for some of the goriest methods of execution through a method known as impalement. Today however, a visit to the Square gives tourists an opportunity to reflect on their personal journeys.

Visit the Zoo, a Garden of Hope and come face to face with Belgrade’s resilience. The zoo is open all year long, and is home to more than 200 species of wild animals. Another attraction that makes for a worthy family day out if the Belgrade fortress whose fortification is testament to the city’s development over the years. At the fortress, you will glean some history from the different structures of the complex on location, and this will give you a new appreciation for the city’s valor.

The some time off to visit Zemun, a quaint town that once played a critical role in Belgrade’s protection from invasion by Turkish forces. Some of the stark attractions in this town include the imposing house of the Karamata Family, The Zemun Fortress and the Memorial Museum. All of these ancient structures have been preserved to ensure that the city’s triumph is immortalized for both locals and tourists.

The river promenade at Zemun is perfect for nature lovers who want nothing but serenity. Look out for the Great War Island where you can enjoy bird-watching and a break from the city’s concrete jungle. Other attractions worth checking out include family fun at the Ada Cignlija, the pulsating sounds of the famous splavs for a fun night out and the Usce Tower for spectacular views of the city. Lastly, gift yourself with a dramatic sunset from the Kalemegdan walls before your stay at the Hotel Excelsior Belgrade is over.

The best time to visit and enjoy things to do in Belgrade is between May and September when the weather is delightful. The months of May and June are a little wet, so you want to plan ahead and double check your travel plans. If you are looking for a unique destination in Serbia, and Europe by extension, then this rich historical destination will have you enamoured by its architectural style and splendid views.

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