45.9%* change Thanksgiving day travel plans due to Coronavirus?

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A survey we conducted using Google Consumer Survey platform with data from 501 out of a total planned 500 US based respondents* shows that yes 45.3% said the Coronavirus pandemic had changed their Thanksgiving day travel plans.

The survey was started on the 23rd November 2020 and finished on the 28th November 2020 with our analysis was done on 383 weighted responses. It seems based on earlier smaller surveys run last week the amount of people listening to CDC guidelines not to travel during Thanksgiving has increased. But this recent survey shows the data is still too close to call a winner across all segments but we do have a statistically significant winner in the Midwest region of the USA 56.6% said yes they would change their travel plans due to Coronavirus pandemic.

RMSE Score 5.4%

*Total unweighted data collected

Gender Breakdown

The gender balance of survey respondents was 51.1% female but if you view the graph below it suggests males (48.9%) said they were willing to change their Thanksgiving day travel plans. Visually you could assume those surveyed about the travel plans the answer “not sure yet” was skewed towards 53% female respondents but neither question has a statistically significant answer.

Survey data shows confidence too close to call
Dark Blue (Female) Light Blue (Male)

Age Breakdown

What was more surprising initially was the split of age groups for the respondents stating they would not change their travel plans. The early data is showing so far that 15.81% of the respondents between the age of 45 to 64 said they would not change their travel plans while 14.23% in that same age bracket said they would. It was also encouraging to see those in the 24-34 age bracket were slightly more likely to say yes to changing their travel plans due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Be aware the data is still too close to make a definite answer by age group.

Survey question responses, by age

On the data so far it seems more likely those in the age bracket 18-24 were still not sure what they might do with their Thanksgiving day travel plans when we surveyed them. It is likely that there may not be enough survey data to make a definite answer by age group.

Has the Coronavirus pandemic changed your Thanksgiving day travel plans?

Region Breakdown

Midwest USA – 54% said yes it has changed their Thanksgiving day travel plans and the data is statistically significant.

Midwest USA

North eastern USA – Not enough respondents yet to give an answer

Northeastern USA

Southern USA – Appears to be No but our survey data said it was too close to call a statistically significant answer

Southern USA

Western USA – Appears to be Yes but our survey data said it was too close to call a statistically significant answer

Western USA

You are welcome to view our raw data and survey results here on Google Data Studio. It appears that 500 respondents wasn’t a big enough sample size across 4 potential responses (Yes/No/Not Sure/Maybe) for all the ways the data was spliced by age and gender except for some geographic regions.

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