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Deco Walk Hostel
Deco Walk Hostel

Deco Walk Hostel

The Deco Walk Hostel location has to be one of the best in South Beach, you have a view out towards the beach from the lounge. The staff are great at organising clubbing nights each day to ensure the guests have something to do each night but be aware they are fairly strict on drinking your own alcohol within the hostel as they have a bar.

They also have rules against drinking in your hostel room, so don’t ask to borrow glasses from their bar for your drinks. The room I stayed in had a small bar fridge that was nicely stocked with beverages.

The location makes it easy to be a base for people wanting to spend their nights partying or lying on the beach enjoying the sun. There is a space on the roof with a spa and a outdoor bar but it wasn’t in use when we stayed there. The trick is getting to the hostel via a somewhat sketchy lift that feels like it’s about to break down all the time.

I stayed here in August 2012 in a mixed dorm

Deco Walk Hostel Address:

928 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139, USA

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Deco Walk Hostel Review
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