Things to do in Bochum

The sights and sounds of Bochum offer you a perfect opportunity to steal away from the hectic pace of life in more modern cities such as Frankfurt. This is the perfect getaway if you would like to relax, party the night away and see a different side of Germany.

Entertainment is almost synonymous with the Bermuda Triangle, undoubtedly one of Bochum’s most prominent attractions. If you love to party, and party hard, then this is the perfect place to be. Here, you get to enjoy the maze that is more than 50 bars huddled together, pulsating sounds rising from the area. There are also restaurants, clubs and cinemas where you can unwind after a day-long adventure.

While at it, do not pass the opportunity to indulge in the city’s delectable cuisine featuring flavors from all over the world. Check out the popular Pfefferpotthast, a unique type of beef stew that includes onions and pepper made in the most flavorful manner.

If you love theatre, you will enjoy a musical performance by the popular Starlight Express Musical at the Starlight Express Theatre. The unique group showcases stellar performance by two dozen performers, all on roller skaters! Other theatres where you can enjoy performances include the Bochum Symphony Orchestra, the Bochum Civic Theater as well as the Kino Endstation film theatre.

Alternatively, take in the sights and sounds of the natural flora at the Botanical Garden where will also learn more about the evolution of plants in the region. Take a few minutes to reflect at the placid man-made ponds that dot the garden before making your way to the expansive pavilions in the garden. Overall, this is a fun family destination to enjoy things to do in Bochum.

Bochum exemplifies German culture excellently, and there is no better place to savor this than touring the Christmas Market with close to two hundred stalls. Get the perfect souvenir for your trip, and look out for creative gifts made by hand. Do not pass over the opportunity to enjoy the amusement park.

Even with its laid-back aura, Bochum is sprinkled with modern structures such as the outstanding Haus Kemnade that’s home to select musical instruments from the past. A Farmhouse Museum is proximal to the striking building, so this is perfect for a discovery journey. Other stunning attractions in Bochum include the astounding underground tunnels at the German Mining Museum, the placid Lake Kemnade and the different festivals held throughout the year.

The best time to visit Bochum is during summer when temperatures peak at 20 degrees Celsius, and this is between June and August. Winter is chilly, and temperatures are recorded in the single digit. Depending on the season when you tour the city, there are different fun things to do in Bochum. Preparing ahead of your tour book a room at Hotel Excelsior Bochum and leave some moments to simply discover the delights of the city is all you need – and your camera of course.

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