Things to do in Paris

This guide offers the best of sightings and attractions in Paris, including famous attractions and a few that are not your typical expectation of the city. This is ideal, whether you are looking for a weekend getaway, a honeymoon trip or a family vacation. The following activities are a reflection of the true Parisian experience.

Start your vacation at the iconic Eiffel tower, an attraction which needs little or no introduction. Arguably France’s most famous landmark attraction, the structure that towers into the Parisian skies is a favorite destination for first time visitors. Up the tower, you get to enjoy panoramic views of the city with magnificent photographic opportunities.

If you are awed by architectural masterpieces, you will certainly fall in love with Paris. Take a walk in Arc de Triomphe, a popular landmark that offers the perfect viewing spot as Paris goes through its daily motions. Another marvelous architectural piece is Notre-Dame Cathedral whose stunning towers are an idyllic destination for viewing the city’s architectural style.

Get a glimpse into high-end fashion style at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs where you can view the different ways in which style has morphed from the medieval age to the modern world. With so much on display, you could plan for this attraction for a family day out.

Alternatively, take time to enjoy the works of art at the Grand and Petit Palais. These magnificent structures represent an era when the city housed some of the country’s biggest fairs. Today, the structures are home to an invigorating science museum and transient art exhibitions. After a day of exploring the different works on display, enjoy lunch under the magnificent glass-roofed Mini Palais.

What is a visit to the ‘love city’ without including an opera performance at Bastille as one of the fun things to do in Paris? The quality of performances will have you yearning for more time in the city if only to experience its charm and creativity. Do not forget to explore Montmartre, an enchanting getaway to the city’s most elevated point. This romantic location offers a perfect backdrop for honeymooners to enjoy their time as well as for outdoor lovers to marvel at the views.

Other attractions of interest in the city include the Les Invalides for history lovers, Les Catacombes for those who do not mind morbid attractions and foundation Louis Vuitton for art lovers looking for an escape from the city’s bustling motion.

The best time to visit Paris is between June and August when fair weather conditions make it possible to take in more of the city‘s attractions. Other seasons have their perks, but most tourists opt to travel during months with great weather.

The city’s enduring warmth strikes a chord with tourists who are enamored by its magnificent architectural structures, delectable cuisine, opulent boutiques and treasured artistic works. Best known for its timeless charm, there is every reason to enjoy things to do in Paris. When visiting Paris we recommend staying at Excelsior Opera Hotel or Hotel Excelsior République.

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