Things to do in Chamonix

One of the most fascinating things about this area is its proximity to the tripoint of Italy, France and Switzerland. This meeting point makes for an excellent tourist destination because it easily blends the culture of the three countries. For this reason, Chamonix is popular with both locals and foreigners.

The views of the spectacular Mont Blanc make for a scenic getaway. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alpine range, so you should expect a wide range of outdoor activities. Start by sightseeing or enjoying the panorama from various viewpoints. Two notable stunning points include Le Brevent which stands at 2525 meters above sea level and Aiguille du Midi.

At Le Brevent, you could also indulge in hiking and paragliding, all the while amazed at the pearl white mountain slopes. Aiguille is one of the most profound viewpoints in Chamonix, standing at about 3842 meters. For those who can take on the altitude challenge, the heavenly view of the French Alps makes up for the discomfort of scent. Alternatively, take a cable car to the peak and simply lose yourself in the beauty of the moment.

Tourists can also enjoy hiking by taking a guided tour through the three countries, undoubtedly a classic tour of Mont Blanc. The Mer de Glace awaits your visit. The stunning natural landmark is the biggest glacier in France, and stretches 200 meters below the surface. Take a cog train from Chamonix before using a cable car to get to the glacier’s bottom. There’s also an ice cave on location, where the sculpted blocks of ice alter hues, making for one glorious yet claustrophobic setting.

For visitors who would prefer winter tours in the Mont Blanc area, Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix is the go-to tour outfit. Take on a new hobby that involves dogsledding across the snowy slopes of Mont Blanc when you sign up for classes with Huskydalen.

Extreme sports options exist for the strong at heart who do not mind whizzing down at break-neck speeds. Think of paragliding, one of the most popular winter sports and fun things to do in Chamonix. Other sport activities include ski jeering, horse riding and snowshoeing.

It is not all about the snow as you can enjoy the adventure at the amusement parks. This is the place to enjoy a family day out and allow the kids to enjoy the range of activities on location. Whether you would like them to go paragliding as you catch up on your favorite read, or would like to enjoy indoor games with them you are spoilt for choice. Enjoy this at Chamonix Amusement Park and Accro Park or opt to go paintballing at Paint Ball Chamonix.

Other exciting things to do in Chamonix include visiting the zoos, getting spa treatment at the various resorts as well as visiting the different museums. There is never a dull day in Chamonix, so brace yourself for the time of your life. The best time to visit is between June and August when the flowers bloom, and the weather is generally fair to indulge in outdoor activities. You want to make sure you have somewhere great to stay so we suggest Hotel Excelsior Chamonix if you plan on visiting.

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