Things to do in Locarno

Perhaps the best way to describe Locarno is to think of a destination that features swaying pal trees, a Mediterranean-aura as well as warm climate that charms visitors from all over the world. This is actually the lowest town in the entire country, and its blend of attractions makes the hidden gem a fascinating destination altogether.

With just the perfect climate to steal away from the famed Swiss mountains, Locarno offers a host of natural attractions for you to enjoy. Take time to sample the botanic gardens that offer a refreshing and scenic getaway. The Giardini Pubblici for instance will enchant you with its palm trees dancing in the breeze as well as the verdant lushness of the banana trees. Take the kids with you to this garden and let them expend their energy in the kiddie playground on location.

Cardada is yet another stunning location in Locarno, one that affords you excellent views of the town yonder. Use the cable car to get to Cardada. From this stop, you can enjoy panoramic views of the majestic mountains whose peaks seem to touch the sky. Or simply enjoy reflections by the placid lake. Outdoor lovers looking for adventure will fall in love with the excellent hiking and cycling trails for the perfect day. If you happen to visit during winter, take the opportunity to go skiing at just Sfr 38 for adults and Sfr 22 for the kids.

Look out for the lakefront park called Giardini Jean Arp. This park is best known for its artistic and life-like structures nestled among the palm trees. This is a perfect place to unwind and get lost in a good book. If, however, you plan to enjoy the outdoors and lake views, you can always enjoy a good swim in particular spots at the lake.

For a sneak peek into the lives locals in Locarno lead, make sure to spend some time in Citta Vecchia, a quaint village whose arcades and old-style houses will make you fall in love with life here. The market in Citta is held every Thursday. Old Town is also popular, and touring this neighborhood must be in your list of fun things to do in Locarno.

Old Town is home to quite some pizzazz – starting from the interesting churches built in the 1600’s, the imposing fortified Castello Visconteo as well as a museum that houses ancient exhibits. Other attractions that may fascinate religious enthusiasts include the Chiesa Nuova, The Chiesa di San Francesco as well as the Chieso di Sant’Antonio. All these churches have unique traits, particularly as far as the architecture is concerned.

It is impossible to talk about all the adventurous things to do in Locarno without making mention of the 2300 hours of sunshine annually, certainly a far cry for much of Europe’s destinations. This soothing location is worth checking out for those spending time in Switzerland. If you are looking for a fairly well priced place to stay we recommend Hotel Excelsior Locarno.

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