Things to do in Asuncion

The city’s tumultuous history has today played an integral role in shaping the city as it is known today. The Triple Alliance War in the Mid 19th Century led to the city’s devastation. This war, coupled with several dictatorial regimes led to a sharp decline in the tourism industry. In the recent past however, the springing up of swanky hotels, chic boutiques and modern bars has injected fresh zeal into the tourism industry.

Asuncion’s other moniker, ‘mother of cities’ has earned it a prime spot in the country’s tourism. Due to its past, some of the city’s most famous attractions include colonial buildings, ancient forms of transport as well as a rich cultural heritage evidenced by the local language, Guarani. This gem awaits your exploration, so as you plan, you may want to check out the following attractions.

The Plaza de la Democracia, just as the name hints, is a favorite spot for the youth, both in times of collective celebration and political dissatisfaction. Incidentally, the Plaza also houses one of most famous buildings, the Panteon Nacional de los Heroes. This building contains the remains of different heads of state, and was built to honor the heroes who lost their lives in the Triple War. Walking through this location gives you a glimpse into Paraguay’s political structure.

Away from politically-linked attractions, you could also make your way to the iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. The city is predominantly Catholic, so you should expect to see many more names and places that are reflective of the religion.

Head on to the museums and galleries that take you back in time to Asuncion’s past. Start off at Museo del Barro, a famous museum which has on display just about every kind of relic you could think of: contemporary paintings, cultural crafts, works of art from the pre-Columbian era as well as caricatures of political stalwarts. This experience also doubles up as a learning session for history enthusiasts.

Museo Boggiani is another must-visit destination in Asuncion. The museum is best known for its unique feather art collection, thanks to efforts made by Guido Boggiani. This museum is certainly an exciting experience for art-lovers. For those who do not mind it, the city’s numerous cemeteries are an attraction of sorts.

Pay tribute to the heroes of war at Cementerio de la Recoleta, a grandiose cemetery where the city’s rich population bury their own in a grand setup. You can also check out the Supermercado Ykua Bolanos, a cemetery which gained prominence in 2006 after thousand workers burnt to death following a fire in the store’s kitchenette.

Go shopping for antiques at the Mercado 4, before unwinding with a stroll on the beautiful beach section at Costanera. Natural attractions abound in the city, so get to sample some of the city’s green spaces at the Parque de la Salud. The Jardin Botanico y Zoologico is also an excellent option for unwinding in the shade of the trees.

The best time to visit and enjoy fun things to do in Asuncion is between May and September after summer has passed, and the rainy season is yet to begin. Overall, this hidden destination is a charming holidaying spot, if you are not sure where to stay we suggest check out the Excelsior Inn Asuncio or Excelsior Hotel Asuncion.

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