Things to do in Lourdes

This is for good reason for the simple reason that this vast town has been one of the most iconic pilgrimage destinations globally. This began in the mid-19th century when, according to records provided, the Virgin Mary visited the region more than a dozen times to honor 14-year old Bernadette Souobiros. Over the years, the site of beatification has attracted both religious and secular tourists, making it one of the most popular activities to indulge in when visiting Lourdes.

Every year, millions of tourists visit Lourdes to sample the sacred sites with the hopes of getting miraculous waters. This has been attributed in part to the many miraculous signs that led to the town’s growth towards the turn of the 20th century. For Catholic faithful, this is a quintessential part of the trip to Lourdes.

In sharp contrast to what the town is best known for, there is absolutely no shortage of other activities to enjoy. The seemingly perfect manner in which the blaring music from the hotels blends with the array of souvenir shops makes for an interesting destination.

Begin your adventure at Restaurant le Magret, a rustic joint that allows you to indulge in delectable food from the region, all the while allowing you to interact with the locals. Granted, fine dining and 5- course meals may be hard to come by in Lourdes, but visiting and eating at Le Cabanon certainly comes close to this. Le Cabanon is perfect for well-done signature meals. Other eateries include Le Majorelle and Le Luma.

Away from the importance of Lourdes as a religious tourist destination, the pulsing nightlife offers an invigorating experience altogether. Take some time to enjoy Le Colibri’s discotheque and club where you can enjoy your favorite tipple and dance the night away.

Le Fregate is, perhaps the best comparison to Lourdes Las Vegas, so mingle with the locals and dance to pulsating music here. Other bars that will allow you to sample Lourdes nightlife include Tostaky Pub and the upmarket Le Mylord.

Away from the life of the party, tourists can sample the numerous historical attractions that dot the town. The Mauvezin Castle is a perfect place to start this tour. The castle, built in medieval times reeks of ancient relics that can be traced back to battles in the 13th century. This castle was also home to the royal French family at the time, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Another historical attraction is the Tarbes Village, famed for been the place of birth of the war hero from France, the Marshall Foch House. The lovely townhouse has actually been made a National Monument of France. Other attractions include Le Pic du Jer, a stunning peak that offers panoramic views of the village and the famous Pyrenees National Park.

The best time to visit and enjoy things to do in Lourdes is between mid-spring and early winter as the weather is most favorable and allows for sightseeing tours which make for the bulk of most tourism activities. We recommend staying at the Excelsior Lourdes it has one of the most amazing views.

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