Things to do in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is credited with been one of the most beach-filled locations in Spain, with a total of 5 pristine beaches. For outdoor lovers, there is no better way to enjoy a holiday in the region than to tour the Blue Flag Beaches.

Start your vacation at the beautiful Lloret Beach with more than a mile of nothing but spectacular white sands, turquoise blue waters and snack bars for you to rejuvenate. This beach is also home to a wide range of water sport activities that include swimming, surfing, kayaking and jet-skiing. If you would like to enjoy a quiet afternoon, make your way to Sa Caleta where you can also interact with the local fishermen.

Lloret de Mar is an excellent diving site too, a short distance away from its acclaimed beaches. The crystal clear waters are as inviting as they are amazing to explore. This is the perfect location to spot different fish species. There are different zones to accommodate everyone, from the newbie divers to the professional ones. It is also an ideal hobby, so have some fun in the water.

Lloret de Mar comes alive at night in an unforgettable way with its vivacious crowds, throbbing sounds and carefree attitude. Look out for St Trop where you can enjoy the widest selection of music, or hop to Bumpers and dance the night away on the dazzling dance floor.

For the more adventurous, cliff walking is an excellent idea. Its stunning landscapes that overlook the waters offer a spectacular view for photography enthusiasts. The distinct scent of the pine trees, coupled with the sounds of the crushing waves makes for a memorable vacation.

Midmorning presents a perfect opportunity to bargain at the weekly Tuesday market. Get precious souvenirs at this market that is home to creative works of art. This is not one of the things to do in Lloret de Marin the real sense of the word, but is a must-indulge – cocktails. Make your way to Hula Hula Bar for Manuel’s signature cocktails to beat the summer heat after exploring the market.

Waterworld Lloret is a must-visit during your tour. This is the continent’s biggest river rafting location, so here is the chance to enjoy water adventures. Plus the kids will have their share of fun at the Kiddie Island. Other attractions include the Italian-styled gardens at Santa Clotilde, the Port Aventura theme park and L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, one of the most crucial marine education centers in the world.

The best time to visit Lloret de Marin is during summer. This lasts from June to September, and attracts the highest number of visitors, so if you plan on taking advantage of this, you need to book early as tourist numbers soar in this season. The seaside town is best known for its great vacation spots and enchanting beaches, making it a popular holidaying region and great hotels like Hotel Excelsior Lloret de Mar. With this guide, make sure you sample all of the things to do in Lloret de Marin.

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