Things to do in Ipoh

Ipoh is a pleasant city whose colonial heritage in form of the stunning architecture cannot possibly be missed. Look out for the grand mansions and the friendly locals who will be at hand to help you with anything you would like. The blend of the city’s intricate layout, blends perfectly well with the glorious days of wealth obtained from the popular Kinta Valley.

Food lovers will be enthralled by the burgeoning food scene in the mid-sized city. Start off your tour of the city at Jalan Bandar Timah where you can take delicious bitings of traditional coffee freshly brewed and tantalizing egg tarts. For a less crowded place, visit Tong Kee. Alternatively, take time to savor cold brew from the different cafes that dot the town – think Burps & Giggles and the Roquette Café.

For natural lovers, the Sam Poh Tong is arguably one of the largest tourist attractions in Malaysia. This natural temple is actually a cave, so if you are claustrophobic, you may as well head to this cave to conquer your fears. The turtle pond located within the cave attracts tourists who would like to place turtles in the pond to even out bad luck.

Take the less beaten path when you visit the quaint and serene Gua Kok Look Tong, a small temple best known for its beautiful pagodas and manicured gardens. While at it, do not pass the opportunity to marvel at the Birch Memorial Clock Tower. This tower was erected in 1909, and more than a century later, still stands strong.

If you are more artsy, and would like an art tour of sorts when searching for ‘things to do in Ipoh’, you may be interested in visiting the Hag Chin Pet Soo. This museum is housed in the restored building, so much of what you will see is reflective of the city’s rich past.

The Concubine Lane, aptly named, is also a landmark of interest. The lane got its quirky name from the fact that historically, wealthy businessmen often placed their second wives and concubines in residences on the lane. To-date, this is a popular tourist attraction packed with souvenir shops and great eateries.

The Lost World of Tambun offers an idyllic getaway for those who do not mind losing sense of time in the expansive park. This is also the perfect opportunity to stay together with the wild animals, so get your camping equipment ready. Other attractions of interest include Kellie’s Castle, Little India and the Ipoh Railway Station.

The best time to visit Ipoh is virtually anytime of the year and we suggest staying at the Hotel Excelsior Ipoh. Great climate all-year round makes this charming city a perfect destination regardless of the time you choose to tour. The city, best known for its majestic temples and delicious culinary tours, awaits your adventure. Be sure to carry your appetite with you as you board your flight.

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