Things to do in Malta

Aptly described as the holiday destination that merges the glorious past with the exciting present, Malta makes any tourist want to explore the gem that the islands are. Think ancient temples, coves tucked away from the bustle of the modern jungle and overall a remarkable journey into the region’s rich history.

Malta offers an interesting glimpse into the different cultures that converge at the island. Predominantly Catholic, the destination is home to cultures that have shaped the location over the years. Maltese culture has blended with influences from the Middle East and merged with cultures from Sicily. This is evident with the traditional Maltese cuisine.

This Mediterranean experience makes sampling food an exciting prospect in your list of things to do in Malta. Suffice to say, most of the dishes prepared will use honey and rabbit, so enjoy the different palate experience altogether. Some of the places where you can wine and dine in true Mediterranean experience include Legliglin where you can indulge in your favorite wine too, Maxokk Bakery for tourists with a sweet tooth and Soul Food for the health conscious visitor.

It is not enough to visit Malta and fail to be awed by the prehistoric attractions that draw tourists from all over the world. Visit the island’s capital Valletta for an insightful glimpse into the past peppered with picturesque town on the hilltop, watchtowers on the coastal strip and fishing boats that boast of a rich past.

In a bid to tour the town’s charming temples from centuries ago, do not pass the opportunity to visit Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, a site believed to be more than 5000 years, and carved from solid rock. It is simply amazing to see attractions like these that have stood the test of time and the tempest of modern architecture.

Away from the food and ancient structures, touring Malta offers you an incredible chance to marvel at the island’s dynamic landscapes. Outdoor lovers are awed by the endless rock-filled coastline that is bordered by jarring cliffs, beautiful bays and is crystal clear waters – all these features against the background of the reddish-gold beaches.

This explains why Malta is a preferred diving destination in the Mediterranean. Enjoy these natural outdoors at Gozo and Comino, or make your way to the Grand Harbour for a relaxed boat tour. Other attractions worth checking out include the Malta at War Museum, Lascaris War Rooms and Malta’s citadel capital, Mdina.

The best time to experience Malta’s charm is largely dependent on your core holiday activities. If you would like to enjoy summer at the beach, then the best time is between June and September, although this doubles up as the peak tourist season. If, on the other hand, you are more open to sightseeing tours, exploration and road trips, then any other time of the year is just perfect.

Best known for its dazzling variety of tourist attractions, Malta has something for every tourist. The fun things to do in Malta gives you the chance to go back in time while enjoying the serenity afforded by the island.

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