Things to do in Montreux

Located at the foot of the majestic Alpine hills, and close to the placid Lake Geneva, Montreux offers a perfect base from where you can discover the different stunning locations. The different mountain villages scattered in the region, make for a great excursion location. Add to this the numerous swanky resorts, museums and events and it is easy to see why Montreux is a must-visit when in Switzerland.

Start off with the mountain excursions and discover the charm of the Alpine ranges. There are several companies that offer excursion packages, so you may want to shop around well in advance. Some of the delightful destinations to enjoy a walk include the Rochers-de-Naye which rises 2045 meters above sea level, Mont Pelerin at 807 meters and Gstaad, a majestic mountain that towers 3000 meters into the sky.

The excursions offer a host of activities that range from mountain biking, paragliding, mountain trekking, hiking and sightseeing. Nothing beats the panorama at the different peaks – sweeping views of the often snow-white surroundings coupled with the refreshing mountain top breeze.

If these nature excursions do not work for you, you could always opt for the city tours that allow you to embrace the city’s verve while exploring architectural works of interest. Kickstart your vacation at the vibrant Vevey, an old town whose landscape boasts rich historical monuments. This history is testament to the region’s vibrant culture. Look out for the crafts shops where you can get handy souvenirs for your trip back home.

Take the ultimate city excursion to enjoy the country’s capital, just an hour away by train. Geneva not only acts as the headquarters for many global organizations, it is also home to the tallest fountain in the world. Look out for photographic moments while in Geneva, and do not pass the chance to tour the Horology Museum. This museum exemplifies the role that watch-making has played in steering the growth of the country’s economy.

Take a detour to Bern, a vivacious capital that is an hour and a half away from Montreux. This medieval city is a UNESCO World Heritage site whose attractions include the iconic Clock Tower, the Swiss Alpine Museum as well as the luxurious shopping complexes. Other destinations where you can take city tours include the thriving town of Thun, Interlaken which is located in the Alps and Lausanne, a town that boasts eccentric elegance.

The Alpine Garden preserves different species of flora, making this destination both colorful and scented. Alternatively, head out to Marmots Paradise and come up-close with the marmots in their natural habitat. If you would like, enjoy an array of sports, ranging from golfing at Lavaux Golf Club, to skiing at Rochers-de-Naye and winter sports in the Alps.

The best time to enjoy all these attractions is between April and October. Considering that different festivals are held around July, you will be in good company if you align your visit in this period. Whenever you visit, make sure you enjoy the fun things to do in Montreux and stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Montreux one of the best hotels in the region.

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