Things to do in Cyprus

There are many reasons why you should plan a trip to the stunning island. Ranging from natural attractions to engaging festivals and a host of day trips, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Cyprus. Interestingly, most of the island’s most exciting attractions are just a day away so you need not go far.

Start your vacation at the Curium, also referred to as the Ancient Kourion. This is the picture-perfect destination for cruise-ship vacationers, as the sea-side facing attraction offers magnificent views of sun and sand. While here you will be awed by the intricate inscriptions, meticulous geometric patterns as well as the famous Eustolios House. The Columbia Beach Resort offers perfect accommodation, and arguably one of the best spas in Cyprus.

Look out for the painted churches nestled in the Troodos Mountains. The churches are characterized by tiny rectangular plans and slanting roofs to prevent the accumulation of snow. The churches are centuries old, and this quaint appearance is what makes them an exciting destination. Visiting hours vary from one church to another, so you may need to check your itinerary.

Outdoor lovers looking for adventure will enjoy scuba diving in Zenobia. This is a diving site that boasts remarkable wrecks where one can enjoy sightseeing as well as looking for different species. It is important for tourists to note that these diving sites are not intended for newbies, so caution must be exercised. Dive-In is a reliable operator, so you can always hire their services.

The Lanarca Harbous is an enchanting attraction in its own right. There is something captivating about boats and luxury yachts all gathered in one location in their resplendent beauty. Choice accommodation options include the Palm Beach Hotel and Bungalows and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Wine lovers will certainly enjoy taking winery tours in the magnificent Limassol. The quaint port town is home to three huge wineries, all of which are popular with tourists looking for fun things to do in Cyprus. The krassohoria, wine villages in the town, offer spectacular views of the vine-covered foothills in the distance. If you want to stay longer in this town, Agrovino’s is an excellent choice. Agrovino constitutes ancient stone houses perched in Lofou, a charming stone village about 25 kilometers from Limassol.

Depending on when you visit, you can always make plans to attend the different festivals. Sample different wines at the exquisite Limassol Wine Festival held annually between August 30th and September 9th. Coupled with eccentric music and dance, this is perhaps one of the most fascinating festivals you can attend.

Artsy lovers will enjoy the yearly performance of Shakespeare’s play featuring local talent. Held at the Kourion amphitheater, this is a must-attend for visitors who enjoy theatrical presentations. Other fun events include the annual Paphos Aphrodite Festival and a jazzy affair at the Paradise Festival.

The best time to visit Cyprus is between June and October as the summer months offer exciting options to enjoy the outdoors. If, however, you plan to visit during autumn or winter, you can always enjoy the less-popular but equally amazing things to do in Cyprus and why not stay at Excelsior Hotel Nicosia as it’s situated in the middle of the city center.

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