Alexa for Hospitality

Amazon & Marriott Alexa deal

An agreement has been created between Amazon and Marriott; this will make Alexa a hotel steward. Offering new and engaging voice experiences to visitors is what Amazon helps hotels; Keep customers within a certain brand universe.

Increase access to services and use new tools to improve employee performance and productivity, facilitate the use of services, what you can do if you do not even have to think about picking up the phone. Amazon launches the line of Echo devices with Alexa technology in Marriott properties, this device obtains it in the rooms and purchases an Alexa account, information about the hotel, uses the services, adjusts the temperature, illumination, plays music, recommendations from dinner and more.

Starting this summer, customers can request an upgrade that is stay at Select Marriott International properties. The Alexa integration is simple for hotels, through “Alexa for Hospitality”, and Marriott, Westin Hotels & Resorts, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Aloft Hotels and Autograph Collection Hotels.

Daniel Rausch, Amazon’s vice president, said in a statement, “Customers tell us that they love how easy it is to get information, enjoy entertainment and control connected devices by simply asking Alexa.”

Likewise, they plan to show this service in showrooms to potentially attract new Echo buyers, in order to engage customers; but it is important to mention that although the product is directed to other hospitality providers, it is currently available for them to try it only by invitation, Amazon reported.

Although Amazon’s Echo devices were absent in Walmart’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, Walmart had a strategy to bring it to market. A separate study of Edison Trends online receipts shows that Amazon dominates the loudspeaker market with a share of almost 80%, followed by Google Home with 14%.

About a fifth of American households with Wi-Fi connections had at least one smart speaker starting in February, showing an increase of 8% in June 2017, but a more recent study by Connected Home showed that the percentage went up to 20% in June 2017.

Amazon has sold tens of millions of Echo devices, said last year, its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos; third-party developers have created more than 30,000 skills for Alexa, and consumers can control more than 4,000 smart 1,200-tag home devices using Alexa, he said. Outside the houses, Amazon partnered with automakers, including Ford, to present Alexa in cars.

According to studies conducted Google Home had beaten Amazon for the first time to take the first place worldwide in sales, however, if Alexa manages to impress those global travelers and does his job as the new hotel steward “it”, it can be just a matter of time before Amazon regains its global leadership.

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