Hotel Excelsior Karlovy Vary

Visitors looking for a place that comes complete with all inclusive spa treatments can look forward to staying in the Hotel Excelsior. The complex is situated in Karlovy Vary which is a spa town located in the West of the Czech Republic. Visitors can also expect to wake up to the picturesque valley of the Tepla River and anticipate a day lounging in the local hot mineral springs.

The accommodations are offered in the single, double, three bedroom, and premium variety. Each room comes equipped with a variety of facilities like satellite television and internet access. The furnishings and décor are designed with luxury in mind.

Other hotel amenities include –

  • Direct dial phone lines
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Pearl or shower baths

Besides catering to stay-in guests, the Hotel Excelsior also offers rooms for business meetings, weddings, parties, ceremonial dinners, and other types of social gatherings. The best part is that unlike most hotels, the hotel excelsior in Karlovy Vary also allows pets and offers to accommodate them as well. Besides that, the complex offers an array of gastronomical treats like an impressive breakfast buffet.

Dinner and lunch is served a la carte accompanied by a salad and fruit buffet. The culinary options also include separate dishes for diabetics as well as an assortment of Czech cuisine and seafood.  Needless to say, the complex caters to a variety of gastronomical tastes and needs. Guests can also relax in the lobby bar with its choice of international desserts.


Sadova 28, Karlovy Vary 36001, Czech Republic

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