Things to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a modern city located on the Main River, and is aptly regarded as the gateway to the rest of Europe, thanks to its financial muscle. The city on the Main, is home to some of the greatest global trade fairs, and this plays an important role in its tourism industry as it continually attracts corporate travellers. So, whether you are a family traveling together in Germany, or a CEO looking for a well-deserved break from the workplace, Frankfurt is the place to be.

It is interesting to note that even with its advancements; Frankfurt is a charming city that easily blends its glistening skyscrapers with quaint timbered buildings. Go sightseeing to unearth some of the city’s unknown attractions. The Palm Garden and the Zoo for instance, is a family-friendly destination and fun for the kids.

You cannot afford to miss the Romer, a spectacular landmark in the city that boasts ancient architectural style with its triple gables and iconic balcony. The Imperial Cathedral is also a key historic landmark as it houses relics from as far back as the 7th century. At the top of the cathedral, tourists are rewarded with sweeping views of the city. St. Paul’s Church is also worth checking out.

Nature lovers will be swept away by the city’s proximity to Main River. This affords tourists the opportunity to take on cruises for a different and more beautiful view of Frankfurt’s skyline – the perfect and most relaxed way to go sightseeing. Alternatively, head out to Frankfurt Zoological Garden where you can experience the wildlife animals up close, a virtual safari of sorts.

It is impossible to list fun things to do in Frankfurt without talking about the iconic Goethe House and Goethe Museum. Walking through the museum’s collection feels like walking back in time to relish the life and times of one of Frankfurt’s most famous sons, writer and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Enjoy the vibrancy of Frankfurt’s eclectic culture at the Old Opera House, or head on to the historic May Settlements for a glimpse into the city’s meticulous housing schemes from days gone by. The Museum embankment complements the sightseeing tours while allowing you to savor the city’s artistic streaks – all this from the river’s banks for a refreshing experience altogether.

Other activities that you will enjoy in Frankfurt include walking through Saal Lane, enjoying performances at the Old Opera House, taking the Ebbelwei Express and enjoying views from the observatory platform at the Main Tower.

The best time to visit Frankfurt is during summer, in the months between June and August when the weather is favorable and there’s so much to enjoy. The flip side of the is that this is the peak tourism season, so if you would like to save some bucks, make your way to Frankfurt in the low season, from January to March.

Best known as a business hub and cultural melting pot, the many exciting things to do in Frankfurt make this city a must-visit for tourists in Germany and Hotel Excelsior Frankfurt am Main the perfect place to stay.

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