Things to do in Manhattan

For most visitors in the region, enjoying Manhattan’s attractions comes with its fair share of budget considerations. The region’s top attractions can come at a cost, which is what makes it important to consider the full spectrum of attractions – from those where you will splurge to those with free admission. We suggest to get the most out of your time in the Big Apple you stay somewhere downtown such as the Excelsior Hotel New York.

Start your tour at some of the most iconic locations including the Empire State Building from where you can enjoy great views of the region; Times Square which is a vibrant commercial hub in the region as well as the Rockerfeller Center, a location whose history challenges as much as it inspires visitors. Suffice to say, this three attractions are almost synonymous with Manhattan, making for an exciting adventure.

Away from the most popular attractions in Manhattan, perhaps one of the most intense attractions in the city’s lower part is the African Burial Ground. The Grounds are home to a monument site that celebrates the lives of slaves, and regales visitors with slave tales pertinent to the African-American History.

If you are wondering where to unwind away from the city’s bustling pace, think no further than Central Park, arguably the region’s most popular park. Various events are held at the park, and you can be sure to catch a host of performances.

Art-lovers will enjoy the expansive stretch of galleries in Chelsea, all of which offer free entry. This is the perfect place to get inspiration that will blow your mind, and best of all perhaps, is that there is no pressure to make any purchases. If you are lucky, you can always enjoy wine openings every Thursday in the evening.

City Hall tours offer tourists a glimpse into the political and administrative life of Manhattan, while creating opportunities to enjoy views of the famed Brooklyn Bridge. Note, however, that for tours to City Hall, advance booking must be made to facilitate approval and confirmation.

Are you a fan of Fashion Week? There is no better way to immerse yourself in the world of high fashion than by visiting the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum. The museum is home to an intricate collection of the country’s initial fashion gallery. Take a walk back in time with a tour to the museum where some garments date as far back as the 18th century.

Enjoy the serenity of nature when you head to the Governor’s Island which is easily accessible by ferry. The vast island features a biking trail, a mini golf park, a picnic area as well as military sites. Nolan Park on the island is also a great place to unwind after a long day of exploration.

Other attractions that dot the city include the American Museum of Natural History, Battery Park, the glistening Chrysler Building and the High Line. If you are keen to enjoy these fun things to do in Manhattan, the best time to visit is really anytime you are prepared. The verve of Manhattan makes it possible to enjoy New York attractions all year round.

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