Things to do in Timisoara

Think rich culture, heritage structures and architectural masterpieces, museums and a thriving arts sector. This is what you get when you travel to Timisoara. A fun fact for all visitors is that this is the only city in Europe that has three national languages – Hungarian, German and Romanian. This eclectic blend gives you an idea of what to expect on arrival.

Take time to visit the Unirii Square first for a walk back into the 19th century. The expansive square is surrounded by historical buildings that include the iconic Catholic Dome, the Orthodox Church as well as Baroque Palace. For visitors with an interest in history, this is one of the most fascinating destinations.

The Baroque Palace is, without a shadow of doubt, the most imposing architectural structure in the city. It once served as the residence for governor of the-then Banat Region, it is also home to the Art Museum where you can enjoy treasured works of art as well as appreciate the city’s vibrant culture.

Look out for the Roman Catholic Cathedral that stands stoic having been built in the mid-18th century. For catholic faithful, this is a perfect destination to celebrate one’s faith while marveling at ancient structures. For those who are piqued by Jewish history, there is no better place to do this than the Great Synagogue.

For a peek into the city’s rich history, make sure you check out the Banat History Museum that houses relics from the past, while retaining the authenticity of the region’s culture. In line with this authenticity, take time to visit the Permanent Exhibition of the 1989 Revolution that showcases the city’s vital role during the revolution.

Enjoy a cold beer at La Capite, a relaxed beer garden by the river, one that attracts vibrant crowds from the city as well as foreign tourists. Alternatively, take your family to enjoy dining at Restaurant Lloyd right after a performance at the opera. This restaurant is popular with tourists owing to its proximity to the opera, and the local food is refreshingly delicious. What’s more, it is pretty affordable, so you can easily enjoy you meals without worrying about splurging.

You can also opt to make your way to Casa Bunicii, a stunning attraction whose moniker translates to ‘Grandma’s House’. This laid back restaurant is perfect for traveling families and groups as its niche is home-cooked food and regional culinary delights. Other attractions include the Art Museum, Café Eclipse as well as a trendy bar at Aethernativ.

The best time to enjoy fun things to do in Timisoara is summer for those looking to enjoy outdoor activities. If, however, you cannot stand the soaring temperatures, take time to visit in autumn when it is cool and dry. Winter is harsh, so you may want to plan accordingly if you would like to visit Timisoara between December and March. No matter what time of the year Hotel Excelsior Timisoara is a great place to stay.

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