Secret Rooms 2015

I think the concept was good, I caught the first performance in the main lobby bar area with Lazarus Revival which was a fun blues style 5 member band from Utrecht. I relaxed with a cold beer while they performed some classic tunes and got the crowd up and dancing along.

I didn’t catch any of the other secret room shows, but I did meet and chat with one of the performers who was so very nervous about performing I had to help her unlock her bike chain and also lock her bike, which was rather cute.

The only other performance I caught was the grand final at Doka with Jazz singer Saskia van Engeland and comedian Rutger Buiter. It didn’t matter that I didn’t speak dutch I was still able to enjoy the event and the organisers have said next year it will be bigger and have more performances suitable for non-dutch speaking folks.

The only point I felt that the event was a bit disorganised, so hopefully next year things like what is happening and tickets are a bit more organised.

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