Travelodge Kirkwall

Travelodge coming to Kirkwall

The hotel chain Travelodge announced today that it has a joint development partnership with the OIC (Orkney Islands Council) to finance and include a new hotel in the town of Kirkwall in the next expansion of its hotel network.

According to information provided by Travelodge, in March of last year, a site was opened to build a hotel that identified Kirkwall as a promising destination for tourism and business purposes. They want to support and increase the number of visitors, especially those who have an offer of quality and value.

Among the planes that include the hotel chain is the expansion in Scotland of its red color, adding about 20 hotels throughout the country. These represent an investment of £ 125 million for investors and would create 385 new jobs.

Among the agreements set by the association are the support of local regeneration, the creation of jobs, the increase of income and the increase in local economies. Executing aircraft are based on the use of surplus land from local offices that are not being used, and once the development of the hotel is completed, local authorities have the option to retain hotel property and receive an annual rent in the hotel. The council’s revenue budget or sell the hotel with Travelodge as its operator.

However, the local authority has not issued any kind of comment that refers to the issue that has already been seen.

Kirkwall known as the northern light is called by the magnificent Cathedral of St Magnus. All visitors can enjoy guided tours as this is one of the best examples of medieval architecture. The place is a key transportation hub for bus routes through Orkney mainland and the port for ferries to Aberdeen, Shetland and the Northern Isles. So also has an airport that is about five kilometers from the city.

The city center of Kirkwall is full of originality, visits to this beautiful place will give you the opportunity to enjoy handicrafts, jewelry and local arts, as well as contemporary fashion (supplied by retailers and independent designers).

Without leaving aside the comforts and good service, in the city there is also the Pickaquoy Center, a sports complex where you can find swimming pool, fitness and health rooms, squash courts, gym, cinema and cafeteria. There are also numerous theaters, live music, where you can listen to most of the bars that illuminate the city.